Why Straks

E-Commerce Utility

As the digital currency market grows, businesses are increasingly aware of the benefits of integrating digital currencies as a payment method. Not only does STRAKS seeks to ensure it is as easy to integrate and utilise for businesses as possible, it also aims to be as widely used in e-commerce as possible


Nothing is more important to STRAKS than its investors and business partners. Safeguarding both is a key priority for STRAKS. To ensure that the currency remains fungible, Zerocoin protocol will be implemented. The currency will always hold equal value irrespective of past transaction associations, as transactions will remain untraceable and anonymous. This strengthens STRAKS long-term market position further.

Decentralised Ownership

Decentralised access level is necessary to ensure the long-term prosperity of the currency. Rest safely knowing that your investment is never dependent on a single individual. STRAKS always aim to ensure that core access levels are decentralised and distributed.


STRAKS seeks to be 100% self funded, with one of the lowest PoW fees on the market. A 5% fee on PoW in perpetuity ensures that STRAKS is well-funded throughout its entire lifecycle. This helps to support product development, business development and ongoing operational expenses throughout its lifespan.


STRAKS promises to always optimise and improve transaction speeds - so that you may send and receive the currency in an instant. Segwit increases the block-size and block capacity, ensuring fast transactions speeds, even as the network grows. Segwit combined with block intervals of just 60 seconds, makes STRAKS rival even the most conventional transaction methods on the market, making it an ideal e-commerce currency to integrate.


The digital currency market is a fast moving environment and keeping at the forefront of the technology and future trends is key to its success. With a growing number of currencies on the market, and a shifting consumer demand with a need for more decentralisation, Atomic swap seeks to give users greater flexibility in exchanging real-time between currencies.

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Benefits to Your Business

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Chargebacks can be daunting to any business. With STRAKS you never need to worry about chargebacks. Once a payment is sent and received it is irreversible. Fraud is as a result also kept to an absolute minimum compared to conventional payment methods.
With 60 second block times and Segwit integrated, STRAKS rivals even the most conventional payment methods, ensuring that you can send and receive in an instant - with no need for any third party facilitators.
Integrating STRAKS as a payment solution gives your business instant exposure to everyone in the community. New businesses integrating STRAKS will be displayed on the website and advertised across all owned social media channels, reaching a growing audience. This increases your brand awareness, leading to more customers.
Conventional payment methods transaction fees diminishes your margin. With STRAKS you need not to worry about any fees. The currency is completely free to use for all businesses and only applies a minor fee on the end-user.
We will help you completely free of charge to integrate STRAKS as a payment solution to your website. If you would like to hear more, contact us today.
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Wallet Downloads

The STRAKS Wallets are not necessary for you to own STRAKS, but they do significantly improve your security.


Q1 2018


A dashboard where core network and trading statistics will be available.

H2 2018


A marketplace where users will be able to trade goods and services.

Q3 2018


Enables greater ecommerce availability, helping to build real-world utilisation of Straks.

Q4 2018

Zerocoin Protocol

This adds total anonymity, so you never have to be worried about reduced fungibility